Staff Contact Information

General Inquiries 519-633-1781 dial 0 info [at] cmhaelgin [dot] ca
Media Inquiries 519-633-1781 ext. 147 media [at] cmhaelgin [dot] ca
Beth Mitchell, CEO 519-633-1781 ext 127 B.Mitchell [at] cmhamiddlesex [dot] ca
Jesse Lake, Director of Operations 519-633-1781 ext. 147 jesse [at] cmhaelgin [dot] ca
Cindy Ryan, Executive Assistant & Privacy Officer 519-633-1781 ext. 127 CindyR [at] cmhaelgin [dot] ca
Dan Logie, Director of Clinical Services 519-633-1781 ext. 134 DanL [at] cmhaelgin [dot] ca
Katelyn Caughell, Program Manager
Case Management, Justice Services, and Counselling
519-633-1781 ext. 133 KatelynC [at] cmhaelgin [dot] ca
Brianne Geddis, Program Manager
Rehabilitation, Peer Support, and Volunteer Services
519-633-1781 ext. 142 Bgeddis [at] cmhaelgin [dot] ca
Christina MacEvoy, Program Manager
Community Homes for Opportunity
519-633-1781 ext. 162 ChristinaM [at] cmhaelgin [dot] ca
Matthew Wilson, Program Manager
Housing Support
519-633-1781 ext. 163 Mattw [at] cmhaelgin [dot] ca