Client Focus Groups for Integration

Posted January 23, 2020 by CMHA Elgin


January 21, 2020

Dear Staff,

Thanks to all those who have attended and will be attending the staff session. Should you still wish to attend there is room in the upcoming sessions this week. Please click here.

Client Sessions – January 28 – February 3, 2019

We have sent you the plan to receive client feedback. Please read carefully as we are hoping that staff will work with their clients to gather their ideas and thoughts.

Sessions for clients will begin January 28 and go to February 3. They are taking place in our offices across the region. Please encourage clients to attend. Click here for the poster you can use to invite clients and all the dates. You can also download it from here (password: adstvcmha). You are welcome to attend the sessions with your clients if you think they require support. Use this link to register your clients – link also found on the poster.

On January 27, you will also receive a link on an easy online survey that we hope you will use to gather feedback with the clients that you are seeing between January 27 – February 10. It will be a quick survey. We ask you to complete the survey with as many clients as possible during that two week period. The link will also be found on our website so you can direct clients and community partners to it.

When inviting clients you may want to approach it like this:

“Our agency is working with 3 other agencies (name them) to see if becoming one organization would benefit clients. We really want to hear from clients. Would you like to attend a session or complete some questions with me to share your ideas? At this time, nothing is changing, I will continue to work with you and all our programs and services will continue as they are.”

Thank you again for all your support for getting as much client feedback as we can about their ideas on how we can best serve them if we were to become fully integrated.

Beth Mitchell
CEO, CMHA Middlesex
Linda Sibley
Lynn Wardell
Interim ED, CMHA Oxford
Sandy Whittall
Supervisor, CMHA Elgin